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How much do I get paid?

Affiliates get 55% of each sale, meaning if you're a PhatLadyCoupon's affiliate then you get 55% every time someone buys PhatLadyCoupons (PLC) via your affiliate link.

How to create your PhatLadyCoupon affiliate link:

PhatLadyCoupons is for sale via the Clickbank Marketplace. If you are not currently a member of Clickbank, then sign up now at And then, simply come back to this page and get your link below. If you are already a member of Clickbank, then simply create your affiliate link via the box below.

Copy the link below and simply replace the XXX with your own Clickbank user ID.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at support [at] Feel free to contact me with any questions. We're here to support you. You're part of the team.

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